Seichim is a Living Light Energy meaning it is a different and higher vibration than Reiki, which is most beneficial for working with emotional and mental levels or concerns, as well as that higher spiritual connection.

Seichim healing has its origins in Egypt and was the place it was recently ‘rediscovered’. Like Reiki it is also ‘received’ by practitioners like a radio signal and transmitted through the practitioner’s crown, out their hands and into a person’s body. The hands may also be placed over the chakra areas within the energy field.

It was rediscovered by Patrick Ziegler after an experience he had when he spent overnight in the Great Pyramid in Egypt.

It is often mentioned that one can think of Reiki as the White Light and Seichim as the Rainbow.

Seichim is good for physical, emotional and mental stresses. It can help with anxiety, tension and emotional trauma as it works on all the levels of the aura simultaneously. As it works on all levels, it clears a path to get root causes of imbalances.

For example, It may begin to work on your energetic system for an energy alignment, balancing the chakras and releasing blockages in meridians. In a place of energy alignment you may begin to feel an extra burst of energy which may lead to mental clarity and insight.

Secondly, Seichim could work on emotional stability restoring balance to reinforce mental clarity and body vitality. This could lead to getting back to your old self and a sense of well being. Seichim can also help with:

  • Loss
  • Traumatic experiences
  • Self doubts
  • Negative thoughts
  • Fears
  • Irrational behavior