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Reiki Grand Master Levels 5-20














Reiki Grand Master Levels 5-20


RGM 5 & 6 Mikao Usui

RGM 7 & 8 Mikao Usui

RGM 9 Severina da Silva

RGM 10 Severina da Silva

RGM 11 Roberta Rianad

RGM 12 Severina da Silva

RGM 13 Roberta Rianad

RGM 14 Roberta Rianad

RGM 15 Roberta Rianad

RGM 16 Roberta Rianad

RGM 17 Roberta Rianad

RGM 18 Roberta Rianad

RGM 19 Catherine W. Dunne

RGM 20 Catherine W. Dunne

The distant Reiki Grand Master Levels 5-20 attunements expand upon the original Reiki system and add new symbols, practices and energetic tools for personal and spiritual growth.

Although not part of the original Reiki system, the Reiki Grand Master attunements build upon it and as such have a remarkable sense of familiarity. Each level or degree (often called secret degrees due to some of the symbols having being removed from the original system) has a symbol and specific focus area that build upon each other the higher you work up the levels.

The term Grand Master is of course subjective and does not impart any particular level of skill or separation from other levels of Reiki. It is used to imply that they are additional to the Reiki Master level, which is a prerequisite of working with the Reiki Grand Master attunements. True mastery takes time, practice and dedication. However, working with these levels is often an exciting and rewarding journey that may reveal many learning discoveries and assist in increasing spiritual expansion.

What you’ll learn

  • Once you have completed this course, you will be a certified Reiki Grand Master levels 5-20 and be able to teach and attune others as well.

Are there any course requirements or prerequisites?

  • To take this course, you must be at the Reiki Master level.

Who this course is for:

  • This course is for those who are looking to expand their Reiki knowledge beyond the traditional methods and have an open mind and heart.

Please note you will need to be a Reiki Master to receive this Attunement



* Distance Attunement via the Chi Ball Method

* Confirmation that the Attunement has been prepared by me for you and information regarding how to accept the Attunement via the Chi Ball Method will be sent to you by email.

* Manual

* Certificate

* Lineage, if available

* PLUS – you can pass this wonderful energy on to others!!


The manual is automatically available for download after you pay for the course, if you enter through the Course feature.  Otherwise, you will need to email me and request it.


After you read, study and review the manual, you will then request the attunement.


Reiki Grand Master Levels 5-20

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