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Lemurian Light and the Reiki of the Atlanteans










Lemurian Light and the Reiki of the Atlanteans is a unique combination of the ancient energies from the lost continents of the divine wisdom!

This is an upgrade to Traditional Usui Reiki System and you must already be an Usui Reiki Master in order to proceed with this upgrade! This upgrade was founded by Nikolaos Baralos, who was taught by the Ascended Masters ~ Master Mikao Usui and the 7 Chohans of the 7 Rays and this course will attune you to the Lemurian Light and an upgraded level of Reiki. It will help you expand your spiritual journey and your connection with Reiki Energy!

In this course, you experience a magnificent journey through time and space, which will lead you to re-remember your sacred origins!  You will discover the secret ancient energies, which were extinct from earth thousands of years ago. When the continents of Atlantis and Lemuria sunk, the Ascended Masters ~ protectors of the Sacred Flames and Chohans of the Seven Rays, travelled and moved these Energies on Ethereal Planes, so their existence would survive.

As humanity is ready to move in new and higher dimensions, once again we are ready to receive these energies and awaken our consciousness on a deeper level.

After this course you will be able to combine a higher Level of Reiki with the ancient energy of the Lemurian Light and offer to yourself and others magnificent healings! Of course, you will be able to attune others to this new level!

There is One Level in this upgrade which is followed up by three Empowerments:

1) The Phoenix Empowerment, 2) The Dolphin Empowerment and 3) The Dragon Empowerment.

All empowerments activate and initiate unique psychic gifts within you and will attune you to energies of high vibration! You will also learn 2 new Master Symbols, one which comes from the Lemurian Light and one which comes from the Atlantean Reiki Energy! You will also learn the 5 ancient Symbols of the Elements and be able to use 2 Ancient Healing Protocols!

Please note you will need to be a Reiki Master to receive this Attunement



* Distance Attunement via the Chi Ball Method

* Confirmation that the Attunement has been prepared by me for you and information regarding how to accept the Attunement via the Chi Ball Method will be sent to you by email.

* Manual

* Certificate

* Lineage, if available

* PLUS – you can pass this wonderful energy on to others!!


The manual is automatically available for download after you pay for the course, if you enter through the Course feature.  Otherwise, you will need to email me and request it.


After you read, study and review the manual, you will then request the attunement.