Gold Reiki Attunement

Gold Reiki transmutes fear and darkness into light and joy! Gold Light is the strongest light of transformation in the physical universe!

There is little information on Gold Reiki but it is powerful due to its association with the Gold Ray, which is well known for its purifying powers. This system of Reiki is thought to produce energy that is so pure, that it will raise the vibration of the person being treated to the extent that healing can occur in the physical body.You can use Gold Reiki as ordinary Reiki, alone or as a combination.
There is a brief 1 page manual which is a follow on to the Kundalini Reiki Manual which gives details of how to pass on Gold Reiki Attunements.
You need to leave at least 5 days between Gold Reiki 1 and 2, and the same between 2 and 3. Each attunement takes approx. 25 minutes. You will receive 3 attunements, a certificate and a brief set of course notes (one page).
Short manual assumes you understand and already use Reiki. You can quickly and easily integrate this into your healing practice.
Please note you will need to be a Reiki Master to receive this Attunement


* Distance Attunement via the Chi Ball Method

* Confirmation that the Attunement has been prepared by me for you and information regarding how to accept the Attunement via the Chi Ball Method will be sent to you by email.

* Manual

* Certificate

* Lineage, if available

* PLUS – you can pass this wonderful energy on to others!!


The manual is automatically available for download after you pay for the course, if you enter through the Course feature.  Otherwise, you will need to email me and request it.


After you read, study and review the manual, you will then request the attunement.

Gold Reiki Attunement