Angel Reiki System Attunement

Angel Reiki System Attunement Angels are both a manifestation of the power of God as well as personifications of that power. Most angels do not generally interact with humans unless specifically asked. Guardian Angels are always with us, The Archangels … Continue reading

Angel Light Initiation Reiki

Angel Light Initiation Reiki Susan Beaumont (Founder) Angels are beings of light and act as messengers to help us raise our understanding and consciousness to the higher realms. This attunement will raise your vibration to a higher level and allow … Continue reading

Sapphires Of Angels Reiki Attunement

Sapphires Of Angels Reiki Attunement Stephen Lovering (Founder) This beautiful course is for anyone with an interest or a love for angels. I have been working with angels for many years now and their energy is wonderful. This follows on … Continue reading

Angel of Prosperity Reiki

Angel of Prosperity Reiki Christopher Dilts (Founder) The topic of prosperity is near and dear to the Angels. Your Guardian Angels, and all Angels, are constantly arranging success and prosperity for you. Part of the mission of your Guardian Angels … Continue reading

You Are Love Activation

You Are Love Activation The information given here was taken from a channeled message from Archangel Raphael. Our beloved Archangel Raphael ends all of his inspiring messages to us all with You Are Love. Raphael emphasizes that each and every … Continue reading

Colors of Angels Reiki Attunement

Colors of Angels Reiki Attunement Stephen Lovering (Founder) Working with angels is a never-ending pleasure and honor. I am pleased to be able to share this energy with you. You do not need to be attuned to Reiki or any … Continue reading

Angelic Cellular Healing Reiki Attunement

Angelic Cellular Healing Reiki Attunement Eileen El Brooks (Founder) The Beautiful Angelic Cellular Healing manual incorporates Angelic Healing at the cellular level. The Universe provides ALL for us. At this microscopic level, each cell is overlooked by and brought into … Continue reading

Angelic Senses Reiki

Angelic Senses Reiki Rowan Sanford-ffoulkes (Founder) This Angelic Senses distant Reiki attunement helps to strengthen your contact with the Angels. Teaching you to be more open and trusting of the angelic realm. Helps to increase sensitivity towards being aware of … Continue reading

Angelic Empowerments Reiki

Angelic Empowerments Reiki Wendi Robinson (Founder) The Angelic Empowerments are designed to assist you to connect more strongly with the energies of the Angelic Realm and to prepare your physical body and energy system for deeply connected individual work with … Continue reading

Angel Stones Empowerment Reiki

Angel Stones Empowerment Reiki Ole Gabrielsen (Founder) The Angel Stone system, founded by Ole Gabrielsen, the founder of many powerful energy systems, including Kundalini Reiki, Orb of Life, Telos, Ethereal Crystals and many more! The founder says: “When wearing an … Continue reading