Angelic Senses Reiki

Angelic Senses Reiki

Rowan Sanford-ffoulkes (Founder)

This Angelic Senses distant Reiki attunement helps to strengthen your contact with the Angels. Teaching you to be more open and trusting of the angelic realm. Helps to increase sensitivity towards being aware of and feeling angelic energy. Includes an inner guidance meditation and 5 symbols.



* Distance Attunement via the Chi Ball Method

* Confirmation that the Attunement has been prepared by me for you and information regarding how to accept the Attunement via the Chi Ball Method will be sent to you by email.

* Manual

* Certificate

* Lineage, if available

* PLUS – you can pass this wonderful energy on to others!!


The manual is automatically available for download after you pay for the course, if you enter through the Course feature.  Otherwise, you will need to email me and request it.


After you read, study and review the manual, you will then request the attunement.


Angelic Senses Reiki

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